All informations about the B2B online shop

If you have any questions about the B2B online shop, we will be happy to help you with some additional informations. If your question is not listed, you are very welcome to call us at +49 5254 936 24 24 or contact us via our contact form.

Haben Sie Fragen zum digitalen Showroom?

General questions

Is the webshop also available in English?2020-08-12T11:04:15+02:00

Of course you can work with international users in the administration area as well as in the online shop. We offer the showroom in English and German. Further languages are planned for the future.

We have a question. Now what?2020-08-12T11:02:57+02:00

Our staff will be happy to help you with questions about your showroom and the B2B online shop. Simply use our contact form or call us. Phone: +49 5254 936 24 24 You can reach our team on working days from 10 am till 4 pm.

Is orderoo only aimed at fashion companies?2020-08-12T11:01:43+02:00

No. orderoo is not only suitable for fashion and furnishing companies but also for use in many industries. Our B2B platform is open to all industries so that you can present your company and your goods as flexibly as possible.

Our online shop is suitable e.g. for companies

  • fashion & shoes
  • jewellery & watches
  • furniture & interior design
  • beauty & cosmetics
  • sports & leisure
  • food
  • and much more
Can we test the B2B online shop for free?2020-08-12T10:57:47+02:00

Of course – you can test the B2B online shop of orderoo 100% without obligation. We have attached great importance to offering you an easy to use solution. A contemporary presentation of your goods is a matter of course for us.

If you are not interested in your B2B online shop after the test, we will simply switch off your access. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Which functions are planned for the future?2020-08-12T09:48:50+02:00

We are constantly developing the B2B online shop further. Among other things, we will be developing these functions over the next few weeks:

  • Price scales and discounts
  • Invoicing
  • Statistics section

Do you have any suggestions for our B2B shop? Simply write to us or call us on: +49 5254 936 24 24.


Can we as an agency offer several brands?2020-08-12T10:59:54+02:00

Yes. orderoo is also a solution for big brands and agencies. With orderoo you can offer all brands and collections with only one solution.

You create your articles and prices and then inform your retailers.

Can we also offer pre-collections?2020-08-12T10:53:23+02:00

Of course. With orderoo you can take both preorder and reorder orders. Just mark the categories in your online shop in which pre-order items are located. You can then define a time period in which these articles can be ordered. This way you can optimize the pre-orders of your new collection.

Can we import articles?2020-08-12T10:50:01+02:00

Yes, we offer you a comfortable article import. You can thus create hundreds of articles at once in a very short time. You simply provide us with your data in a CSV format and we will import them fully automatically into your B2B shop.

Do we still need classic order sheets?2020-08-12T10:46:25+02:00

No, order sheets in paper format are no longer necessary. With orderoo order sheets and forms belong to the past. You and your retailers order easily in your digital showroom.

At trade fairs we often have no Internet. How does that work?2020-08-12T10:45:24+02:00

Here too we have a solution for you. If you do not have access to the Internet, we offer you offline sheets in Excel format. You can save these sheets in advance, e.g. on tablets, and then import them in one go into the B2B online shop after the trade fair. We then generate an order from each order sheet.


Our retailers have different conditions. Is that possible?2020-08-12T10:58:56+02:00

Of course. You can store as many different price lines as you like in your label. These can also differ in the currency. So it is possible to offer prices for the EU, Switzerland and dealers from third countries.

How can we invite our retailers to the online shop?2020-08-12T10:55:47+02:00

You can easily invite well-known retailers to your online shop yourself. They can then easily view your collection and order directly. If you are looking for new customers, you can activate a registration for retailers with just one click. If you would like to work with this retailer, simply activate the corresponding collections and prices.

Can retailers also buy several brands?2020-08-12T10:54:35+02:00

Yes, the big advantage of orderoo is that you can offer several brands at the same time. An advantage for big brands with several sublabels.

Do our retailes also have access?2020-08-12T10:50:11+02:00

Yes, you can give each retailer his own access to the B2B online shop or connect to our numerous retailers in the system.

14 days free & non-binding test

In a few minutes your online shop will be set up by us. You can then try out your B2B shop for 14 days without risk.