The perfect B2B online shop for your needs

An online shop for your brand and all your dealers. From a free B2B shop for brands and businesses to an enterprise solution for companies.



No basic fee


1 brand
1 admin user
2.000 SKUs


3,9% commission



39 EUR / month


3 brands
3 admin users
10.000 SKUs
API integration (soon)
Plus functions


0,9% commission



199 EUR / month


Any number of brands
5 admin users
20.000 SKUs
API integration (soon)
Plus functions
Enterprise functions


No commission

All plans have a 3-month term. If you do not cancel 30 days before the end of the contract, the contract is automatically extended by the duration. All prices are monthly plus VAT. Our general terms and conditions apply.

What means commission?2020-09-18T10:05:00+02:00

In the Free and Plus plan we charge a commission on the net order value for incoming orders. If you accept incoming orders, the commission is calculated on your next monthly invoice. In the Enterprise plan, there is no commission or revenue sharing. Here you only pay the monthly basic fee.

What is the difference between “Free”, “Plus” and “Enterprise”?2020-09-18T09:56:42+02:00

All plans include a perfect B2B shop for your needs – with integrated digital showroom for retailers. Depending on which plan you choose, you can create different numbers of brands, admin users and SKUs (i.e. article variants).

The “Free” plan has no monthly basic fee and is particularly suitable for small labels with low order volumes. The “Enterprise” plan has no commission.

What are Plus Features and Enterprise Features?2020-09-18T10:05:30+02:00

Plus features

In a Plus plan you can manage up to 3 brands and admin users. Furthermore, you can add news / dates and locations to your brands.

Enterprise features

In the Enterprise plan you can manage any number of brands and up to 5 admin users. Furthermore, offline order sheets in Excel format are available. You can use these at trade fairs, for example, if you do not have access to the Internet. Afterwards you can import the order sheets as new orders into your B2B shop.

SKU – what is that?2020-08-12T10:51:52+02:00

A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a storage unit.

Example: An article in 3 colours and 5 sizes contains a total of 15 SKUs.

You can subdivide your articles into up to three different SKUs, such as size, color, weight, material, etc. Your dealer can then easily select the desired quantities.

Free trial – what’s the catch?2020-08-12T09:54:58+02:00

There isn’t one. The 14-day test is absolutely non-binding and 100% free. Shortly before your test access expires we will inform you by email. If you do not respond after the test expires, we will automatically shut down your showroom.

Do you need more brands, users or articles?2020-08-13T09:26:03+02:00

You can book additional brands, users or additional SKUs within your chosen plan. A SKU is a storage unit (example: an article with 3 colours and 5 sizes has a total of 15 SKUs).

  • additional brand: 20 EUR *
  • additional backend user: 10 EUR *
  • 1,000 additional SKUs: 5 EUR *

* The Enterprise plan already contains any number of brands and does not need to be extended. 1,000 additional SKUs cost 5 EUR. All prices are monthly plus VAT. The extensions are billed 100% fair and on a daily basis. You can easily cancel them at the end of the contract period of the plan.

14 days free & non-binding test

In a few minutes your online shop will be set up by us. You can then try out your B2B shop for 14 days without risk.