At first glance, it’s all about the same thing: presenting products online and getting them to a customer quickly. Regardless of whether this customer puts on the blouse himself or resells it again. Therefore, many companies decide to conduct their B2B online business via a B2C platform. This decision can have fatal consequences in many ways.

Was brauchen Sie, um einen eigenen B2B-Onlineshop zu erstellen?

B2B commerce must meet complex requirements

B2C solutions initially have all the functions that you also need in B2B business. A professional appearance, a comprehensive presentation of goods and sales processing.

So why not simply fall back on a B2C solution?

Consumers and retailers come to your shop with very different ambitions. Consumers are looking for 2 or 3 parts that look nice and are affordable in price. Retailers order in large quantities and look for discounts when they override certain thresholds. A consumer is usually not interested in how much cheaper it becomes if he buys 1000 T-shirts instead of one. For B2B customers, on the other hand, this information is the basis for their decisions.

Was brauchen Sie, um einen eigenen B2B-Onlineshop zu erstellen?

A B2B shop must be able to meet these requirements:

A B2B online shop can fulfil all these functions. If you place your products on a B2C platform and only later realize that this system has reached its limits, you have wasted valuable resources. Put the shop system through its paces before you decide to use it.

For example, orderoo offers a free test phase of 14 days.

14 days free & non-binding test

In a few minutes your online shop will be set up by us. You can then try out your B2B shop for 14 days without risk.