Do you still sell your clothing through classic distribution channels such as catalogues or direct sales? Then you are probably missing out on a lot of sales. After all, the idea of ordering goods simply online has long since arrived in B2B as well. With a B2B fashion shop, you can make your goods quickly available to all your partners.

But anyone who wasn’t born a programmer by chance or with programming skills will naturally ask themselves: “How do I create a B2B online shop? We would like to answer this question in the following article.

One thing in advance: It is much easier than you might think.

What do you need to create your own B2B online shop?

The B2B shop system must meet various requirements:

  • An overview of the products
  • Ordering options
  • Individual options for pricing
  • Integration of product information
  • Legal texts
  • Lean check-out process

In addition, the shop’s personal design wishes can be met with individualised elements such as colours, logos and images. So you need a shop system that can meet these requirements.

Was brauchen Sie, um einen eigenen B2B-Onlineshop zu erstellen?

The decision: Which shop system is the right one for my B2B fashion shop?

There are several ways to create a shop in the B2C area as well as in B2B. Variant 1 is the purchase of a shop with an individual programming. The system will be adjusted directly to your wishes, but then 5-digit budgets and long waiting periods are required.

Renting a B2B fashion shop has decisive advantages. It is tailored exactly to the needs of customers and has an interface for the ERP merchandise management system. You can also set individual prices for retailers in a ready-made shop solution and up to 3 variants for one article. Do you have a shirt in different widths, sizes and colours? Then you can display it in your fashion online shop in exactly the same way. The shop is optimized for every end device.

The rental prices are affordable compared to the purchase price and the shop can be cancelled at any time. If, contrary to all expectations, online sales for your customers are not accepted, you only need to cancel the subscription and switch back to classic sales channels.

How to create a B2B fashion shop at orderoo step by step

You can easily create your B2B online shop without any programming knowledge, no need for months of lead times and meetings with agencies. You can create your B2B online shop with just one click and sell your product range to retailers online today. In the following, we will gladly explain how to create your B2B shop.

Wie erstelle ich einen B2B-Modeshop?

How do I create a digital fashion store?

Step 1: Select B2B shop

You can choose between 3 variants with which you can create your B2B online shop – depending on how many SKUs you want to publish and how many users should work with the shop system. It’s no problem to start with a smaller plan and upgrade it as your product range grows.

Step 2: Test B2B shop for free

You can test your B2B online shop at your leisure. You have 14 days to set up your test shop and use all functions. The test phase is absolutely non-binding. If you are enthusiastic, then simply continue to run the shop after the 2 weeks. If not, there are no further liabilities for you.

Step 3: We configure the B2B shop for you

After your registration it takes only a few minutes in which we configure the shop for you. You will receive your access data and can start filling the B2B shop with life.

Step 4: Set up texts and images

You now have the possibility to add texts and images as well as article data and prices to your collection that you want to sell online to your B2B customers.

Step 5: Advertise your B2B fashion shop

When you are finished, all you have to do is promote your B2B shop. Tell your B2B customers about the new ordering option, send out info letters or newsletters. Put the information about your new B2B shop in the signature of your mail and also inform the sales department to spread the information.

So erstellen Sie bei orderoo Schritt für Schritt einen B2B-Modeshop

Creating a B2B fashion shop is no magic wand thanks to the slim, economical and efficient shop solution from orderoo. You only get the features you really need and do not have to spend large budgets. Therefore the B2B online shop is also ideal for start-ups and companies that are only present on the market with a few products.