More individualized, more direct, faster. DIVARTO (now orderoo) has dedicated itself to a task with its B2B online shop and integrated digital showroom: To provide companies with a universally applicable tool for processing orders and preparing products. A tool that saves time and effort, costs and paperwork. A taste of it? This opportunity will arise at the e-Commerce Day on 17 May 2019 at the Rheinenergiestadion in Cologne.

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The e-Commerce Day is the Mecca for those interested in all aspects of online commerce. This is where innovative minds bursting with ideas meet. From online retailers to manufacturers and industry insiders. Frank Thelen, founder of Freigeist Capital and well-known from radio and television, was already invited as a speaker.

100 well-known exhibitors, dozens of exciting specialist presentations and the opportunity to network with other people and businesses make the trade fair a magnet for both companies and onlookers. The event, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is all about the hottest trends and latest features in the industry.

Foto: e-Commerce Day / real,- Digital Payment & Technology Services GmbH

It’s as modern as it gets.

One of these trends is led by DIVARTO, which is exhibiting at the e-Commerce Day as part of the Startup Village and will be presenting its B2B shop there. Especially at trade fairs, organization and time management are the be-all and end-all. Unnecessary stress and inertia turn an economically important and inspiring experience into an ordeal. Paperwork is therefore not only outdated, but also extremely obstructive and inefficient. The digital showroom of DIVARTO promises remedy, state-of-the-art remedy. In this showroom, the respective retailer is able to present, offer and sell the goods according to his own wishes and ideas. In principle, the showroom functions like a traditional catalogue, which, by the way, has long since been obsolete. Thanks to its clumsiness, it can no longer keep up with the fast-moving business world. Why? There is the cost factor, for example. After all, the paper has to be paid for. Furthermore, once it has been produced, it is unchangeable and cannot be individualized. This is only possible with the next print job – an absolute no-go in other words.

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Click instead of paging

And this is where DIVARTO’s digital showroom comes into play, which in the event of an acquisition becomes the hub for the handling and presentation of individual products or entire collections. It is not possible to sell simple fashion, jewellery, furniture, cosmetics and sporting goods. Perfect for the wholesale trade. The retailer can set the latest collection and update the existing one at any time. Meanwhile, the customer does not have to flip through dozens of pages of an unwieldy monster, but can simply enter the digital showroom in comfort.

A big plus: this showroom is not tied to a specific location and is therefore available around the clock. Wholesalers should not be satisfied with anything else for B2B orders. It is therefore predestined to showcase its own products in the right light at trade fairs or at fashion shows and presentations. With just a few clicks, it is child’s play to place online orders anywhere.

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 Turnaround? Yeah, chaos? No!

This is done without old-fashioned order forms. How many potential customers do you think companies have lost with this time-consuming method? Too many. Stop it. With this clear and sleek interface, there is no need for lengthy staff briefings. Even retailers can easily place orders themselves, again regardless of location.

It only takes one click and the retailer has his personal access to the new collection. All this does not mean that companies have to throw their previous merchandise management concept on the heap with this B2B shop. The respective ERP system is fully integrated and orders are automatically transferred to the system.

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In general, adaptability and individuality are the two most important advantages of the virtual exhibition space. With such a B2B online shop, for example, numerous brands can be represented in the wholesale trade and made available to selected retailers. Individual price profiles can be created for each brand and different conditions can be assigned to specific regions and individual retailers.

Foto: e-Commerce Day / real,- Digital Payment & Technology Services GmbH

Interested? Then take the bus or train!

Interested parties can then take a closer look at this innovation on the 17th Mail. At the e-Commerce Day 2019 around the Rheinenergiestadion in Cologne DIVARTO presents the digital showroom with all its facets and advantages. The location can be easily reached by tram or car. More detailed information on how to get there and accommodation is available on the website of the e-Commerce Day. People who follow the call of the tempting innovative technologies would like to demonstrate the start-up at the fair and explain in detail why and for whom in particular the tool is suitable. The general conditions on site are perfect for this. After all, this is one of the many places where the digital showroom is used.
e-Commerce Day: Curtain up for the showroom

All information about the fair:

When: 17 May 2019
Where: Rheinenergiestadion Cologne

You can find further information at
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