The era of e-commerce has changed the environment for commerce. The reach in terms of interested parties has improved pleasingly. This is because studies impressively prove that online shopping is the modern way to buy: those who research products today do so on the Internet. He “googles”. For retailers, this means that they can arouse the curiosity of more potential customers. But it also means more competition – because every company has a presence on the web with which it can present itself and its products. Solid marketing is essential in e-commerce.

In this blog article, you will receive a valuable summary of how selling on the internet works and what advantages it has – for both the buyer and the retailer – compared to traditional face-to-face trading.

Der B2B-Onlineshop für Marken und Händler

In a compact overview: the successful model of Internet trade

Even though Internet trade today encompasses both the B2B and B2C sectors, the root of online shopping is actually a portal that everyone knows: eBay has made researching and comparing, ordering and buying in the online sector really respectable. The reluctance to make payments to anonymous sellers was pleasingly reduced by secure payment methods such as PayPal. Today e-commerce is booming. Some companies now supplement their presence activities with online trading. Others focus their start-up essentially as a web shop. Whether young fashion label or classic retail company, freelancer or service provider: the reach that the internet has to offer is used diligently and efficiently.

The trading process of internet shopping

In the online shop the customer enters your virtual shop. Not by opening the door, but by typing in your internet address or clicking on a link. In your digital shop window, you present everything you have to offer your customers online. Usually the articles are described in words and pictures and divided into categories for a better overview. If the customer is particularly interested in a particular item, he can click on it in large format and receive more information. For product presentation there are further menu items in the shop navigation – for example about the company, special services, references, the general terms and conditions and an FAQ area.

The better the areas are developed, the more serious and trustworthy the shop is. The customer selects products with just one click. These are usually stored temporarily in a shopping basket. With this the internet customer goes to the virtual checkout and pays. For payment – as well as for shipping – different methods are offered for selection. To ensure that personal and financial data are comprehensively protected, it is important to comply with modern security standards – such as website encryption. The GDPR, the basic data protection regulation of the European Union, has been in force since 25 May 2018 and comes into force in Germany alongside the Federal Data Protection Act. It also has complex regulations that apply to everyone who sells their goods online.

e-Commerce: advantages for customers

An online shop like orderoo’s B2B shop system is open around the clock. Of course this is really convenient for shopping. You can also order after work, on weekends and holidays. Another advantage is that it is no longer necessary to go to the shops in the city. Product and price comparison is possible with just a few mouse clicks – uncomplicated from your home PC.

The smartphone also plays an important role today. Because many prospective customers use their mobile device to research on the move. Those who frequently use the same portal have further advantages: Once the shipping address and bank details have been stored, shopping is particularly uncomplicated. Even on holiday, in case of illness, bad weather or away from the shops, everyone can order their favourite products and have them delivered to their home. If the goods are not to your liking, they can be returned – usually even free of charge – and there is a refund from the supplier. All this can be done through the same website and the retailer can often process orders particularly quickly.

e-Commerce: advantages for the company

Are you considering an online business? There are a number of convincing advantages for you. The fact that your shop is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year gives your potential customers many opportunities to visit you and take a closer look at your products. In addition, with the online shop the restriction to the regional clientele is no longer relevant. You can also offer your goods nationally and internationally – from any company location around the world. There is also a cost saving compared to the presence shop. Because you have no shop rent and no staff to advise your customers. A web shop is a comparatively low-cost investment – and thanks to digitalisation, the personnel costs for processing orders and shipping are generally comfortable.

Marketing – essential in online trade

The competition in the online sector makes it important that your shop in the trade online is really professionally positioned. Specialised shop providers can make this professionalism a perfect fit, from design and product placement, through SEO optimisation and Responsive Design for smartphone users, to security solutions and statistical evaluations. One of these providers is orderoo – our B2B online shop for companies. Your shop is rented to you as a cloud solution or software as a service (Saas). You pay a monthly fee for using it and can then sell it to your business partners securely and smartly. We will be happy to advise you.