Where it has played a minor role up to now, digitisation has become a central issue since Corona. Schools had to move their lessons to the web, local retailers opened online shops at record speed and the economy as a whole was threatened by another major crisis. The global pandemic has literally forced many companies across all industries to make the move from analogue to digital. In particular, product sales were moved to the web within a short time.

Lock-down & contact bans as drivers for digitalisation

When shops were closed in March 2020 due to the corona outbreak and far-reaching bans on contact between people within society were introduced, numerous companies were faced with existential crises. Especially those who had not yet seen the necessity of online sales, fell into action at the latest now and recognised the benefits of digital sales. Digitisation ensured the survival of many companies in these times.

New visibility of the benefits of digitisation

Digitisation is a major intervention in any corporate culture. If products were still sold Vis-a-Vis and analogue up to now, a readiness for going online had to grow slowly. In addition, when setting up a shop, an immense cost factor was initially perceived, which was often put aside by the management. During the Corona crisis, the true added value became apparent: thanks to digitalisation, companies remained able to act despite large-scale closures, home offices and short-time working.

Effects on B2B companies

In addition to the sectors that are given priority in the media, such as retail, gastronomy and the culture and concert industry, the lockdown has also hit B2B companies hard. Anyone who had previously offered their products primarily through sales staff and trade fairs now needed a Plan B very quickly. In B2B, too, products and offers can be sold very easily via a shop system.

How can companies make the leap into digital business overnight?

The development of an online shop in both the B2C and B2B sectors usually takes several months. Concepts and sitemaps have to be created, programming work done and designs and templates created. But what if, due to an unforeseen situation like Corona, all this suddenly needs to be done within a few days?

B2B-Shopsystem von orderoo

The finished online shop as an immediate solution in Corona times

We offer all companies a ready-made B2B online shop, which only needs to be adapted to your company and your needs. With just a few clicks, the finished technology solution becomes your unique and individual B2B shop system. You can start digital sales today, even if yesterday the salesperson and the trade fair stand were the only sales channel.

What do we learn from the Corona lockdown and the economic crisis?

Many companies were given a forced lesson, which was: “Don’t postpone important future topics like digitalisation, but tackle them now”. Nobody knows how Corona will develop in the future, whether there will be further lockdowns or crises of another kind. Therefore, all companies should not only see Corona as a catastrophe, but also as an opportunity. If you have not yet taken this step, then start digitisation today! Our e-commerce solution is adaptable for all industries and offers a professional ordering system that is precisely tailored to the needs of B2B business. Your offer is now available around the clock – during and after the Corona crisis.

14 days free & non-binding test

In a few minutes your online shop will be set up by us. You can then try out your B2B shop for 14 days without risk.