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B2B Blog – News about selling in B2B

Here you will find all articles about selling in B2B. With our ordering platform for fashion, jewellery and other industries we offer you an easy solution to stay in touch with your retailers.

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e-Commerce: first-class advantages for the trade

The era of e-commerce has changed the environment for commerce. The reach in terms of interested parties has improved pleasingly. This is because studies impressively prove that online shopping is […]

Create online shop: How to do it right

In the era of the Internet, no entrepreneur can do without the reach that the online world gives us. This is primarily the internet presence as a virtual business card […]

Digitisation in times of Corona

Where it has played a minor role up to now, digitisation has become a central issue since Corona. Schools had to move their lessons to the web, local retailers opened […]

How do I create a B2B fashion shop?

Do you still sell your clothing through classic distribution channels such as catalogues or direct sales? Then you are probably missing out on a lot of sales. After all, the […]

e-Commerce Day: Curtain up for the showroom

More individualized, more direct, faster. DIVARTO (now orderoo) has dedicated itself to a task with its B2B online shop and integrated digital showroom: To provide companies with a universally applicable […]

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